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Advice On Parenting Time And Child Support

There is no issue in family law that evokes more emotion than questions of custody and visitation. The modern term “parenting time” now describes what was previously called visitation for very important reasons.

It reflects the common notion that ideally, children should retain close relationships with both parents even after a separation or divorce. In other words, a mother or father normally deserves the opportunity to nurture children directly. Parenting time arrangements account for this natural need. Potential parenting time plans are found in the Michigan Parenting Time Guideline.

Get Legal Advice And Advocacy To Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

Whether you are preparing for divorce or are unmarried and separated from your child’s other parent, you are no doubt deeply concerned about your child’s well-being. At the same time, you naturally want to preserve your parental rights regardless of the state of your relationship with the other parent. Or you may have already divorced and need advice and help to retain or increase the time you spend with your children.

Child support, on the other hand, refers solely to the financial support that a parent with higher income continues to provide for children after a separation or divorce. The dollar-for-dollar breakdown of how much support one parent will pay to the other is based on factors that include each parent’s time with the children and resources available to contribute to their upbringing.

Understanding The Friend Of The Court — A Division Of Family Court Determining Parenting Time And Child Support

In Michigan, the Friend of the Court, a division of the family court, handles custody, child support and parenting time. This branch of the court conducts mediation without attorneys. The mediator then tries to help parents, grandparent(s) or whoever will raise the children reach an agreement about custody, parenting time and child support.

Shon Cook Law, PC, can guide you through the process of reaching an understanding about parenting time that makes sense for your child(ren) and the parents or parental figures, as well as how child support will be determined. If you have good reasons to deviate from the state’s child support guidelines, we can help you document those and present your case to the court.

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