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Family Law And Mediation For Real People Or Businesses

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Family Law MattersDivorce, parenting time and child support.

Divorce In MichiganGuidance in all phases of the process.
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Alternative Dispute ResolutionMediation, arbitration and collaborative law services for Businesses & Families-Individuals

Realistic Legal Outcomes Achieved With Dignity And Respect

Legal issues often arise from times of crisis and uncertainty. Then the legal processes themselves become hurdles just as challenging as the underlying problems they are meant to solve. It can seem overwhelming to face such problems alone. The assistance and reassurance of a qualified, caring attorney can bring new rays of hope — and a plan of action.

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Does Life Feel Crisis-Bound Right Now? Explore New Avenues Of Hope.

Shon Cook Law, PC, we consider our law practice a service of crisis intervention in many cases. We consider every client special, and the family law matters they bring to our attention are all unique to the individuals and circumstances involved. In collaboration with our clients, we focus on finding workable solutions — often through negotiation, litigation or mediation. Our lawyers listen attentively and compassionately to clients, explaining the law and creating realistic expectations and outcomes.

Welcoming Clients As Diverse And Special As Michigan Itself

Our clients come from all over Michigan and the nation, and we handle cases all over Michigan. Every client’s case is unique and requires an understanding of individual needs and objectives. The goal in every case where there is conflict is to reduce aspects of fear and worry.

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